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They say pets live on as long as there is someone left to remember them. Companions For Life Pet Crematorium provides services and resources designed to help support our community in those challenging times of grief.

Private Cremation

In this industry standard procedure, pets are placed in a divided, separate and indentified distinct part of the cremation chamber. The identified cremated remains are removed separately for packaging. Each pet is assigned a unique numbered identification disc and a cremation certificate. This most common process provides the owner with the assurance of guaranteed and accurate identification at an economic cost.

  • Less than 1 lb   $75.00

  • 1 - 14 lbs          $120.00

  • 15 - 59 lbs        $140.00

  • 60 - 99 lbs       $160.00

  • 100 lbs +           $180.00

Caressing a Cat

Individual Cremation

This priority service is provided for pet owners who want their pet cremated individually and or have an urgent time constraint which requires cremation to take place at a specific time. Your pet is assigned a unique numbered identification disc and a cremation certificate

Please add $140.00 to the above Private fee schedule to have an Individual cremation take place.

French Bulldog

Shared Cremation

This service is provided as a humane and dignified means of final disposition when owners do not want their pets remains returned and have no other means of disposition. Pets are cremated in a shared group at the same time.

  • Less than 1 lb   $15.00

  • 1 - 49 lbs         $60.00

  • 50 - 99 lbs       $80.00

  • 100 lbs +           $100.00

Cat and Dog

There are a number of different urns for purchase in our show room or pet owners are welcome to provide their own container for their beloved pet to be placed in after the cremation is completed.

All above prices are subject to applicable taxes. Prices are subject to change without notice.

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